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  • VOA常速英语2020--美国学生第一次上网课

    文章摘要:k8凯发真人在线,澳门永利高娱乐最高返水,湖北艺术职业学院侮辱黑龙隐匿 恐怕不说投降好匕首虽然体积小。

    Katrina Shopkey does not mind her new routine, as she starts taking their mathematics classes online for the first time. Personally I enjoy not needing to leave the comforts of my home and also enjoy having less work than usual. But for Katrinas youn...

  • VOA常速英语2020--美国国际开发署正在寻求新的合作伙伴

    Under USAIDs New Partnerships Initiative, or NPI, the agency is looking to partner with organizations that are deeply connected in the communities USAID serves and that have not or have only in a limited capacity worked with the agency in the past. N...

  • VOA常速英语2020--医学生帮助提供个人防护装备来抗击疫情

    Face masks, gloves, disinfectants and hand sanitizers half a dozen medical students are helping in the fight against the corona virus in their own way.A couple of my classmates and I started Med Supply Drive.Our clinical rotations were delayed and at...

  • VOA常速英语2020--疫情下的纽约街头特朗普宣布“曲速行动”

    This is VOA news. Reporting by remote, I'm David Byrd. 欢迎收听VOA新闻。我是远程播报的大卫伯德。 President Donald Trump said Friday the U.S. government was working with other countries to develop a coronavirus vaccine at an acceler...

  • VOA常速英语2020--疫情下的纽约街头

    At the Museum of the city of New York, we think a lot about what makes New York New York and when we bring it down to just four ideas, money, density, diversity and creativity. They are all rooted in and felt in the vibrant street life of New York, a...

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