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Oral Workshop教材简介
外研社英语口语权威教程--《英语口语教程》(Oral Workshop)包含外研社《英语初级口语》、《英语中级口语》及《英语高级口语》为北京外国语大学吴祯福教授历时6年的呕心沥血之作,88msc赢波娱乐官网:教材选取了丰富的口语素材,是国内最系统、最科学的一套全面提高英语口语的教材,并一直作各高校英语专业的首选口语教材。
1. 大学英语专业一、二年级或非英语专业的学生

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 1

    [00:01.00]Oral workshop ---Argument; [00:49.31]Oral Functions Bank; [00:53.20]1. How to agree strongly with an opinion; [00:59.39]I couldn't agree more! That's absolutely true!; [01:06.17]Absolutely! I take your point. I'd g...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 2

    [00:01.00]Lesson 2 Are Pets Good for Mankind?; [00:00.60]II Read; [00:01.21]2.Mother Pays More Attention to Pet Dog Than to Her Young Boy; [00:08.73]Dear Ann Landers: I hope you will publ- ish your answer to this letter; [00...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 3-4

    [00:01.00]Lesson 3 Should the Brain Drain Be Stopped by Restrictions?; [00:00.30]II.Read; [00:00.61]The current policy of developing the export-oriented economy; [00:05.81]in the coastal areas; [00:07.61]has stimulated the S...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 5

    [00:01.00]Lesson 5 Is it Good for Students to Have Part-time Jobs?; [00:00.77]II. Read; [00:04.04]Read the following passages.Underline the important view- points while reading; [00:11.60]1.Jobs Attracting Drop-outs; [00:17....

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 6-7

    [00:01.00]Lesson 6 Is Euthanasia Humane?; [00:00.85]II.Read; [00:01.22]5.Legal System Should Be Established to Deal with Euthanasia; [00:08.72]Many countries have legalized mercy killing.; [00:13.51]In Uruguay the law states...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 8

    [00:01.00]Lesson 8 Should We Diet in Order to Keep Fit?; [00:00.69]II. Read; [00:03.88]Read the following passages. Underline the important view- points while reading; [00:11.81]1.We Should All Grow Fat and Be Happy; [00:18....

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 9-10

    [00:01.00]Lesson 9; [00:01.00]II Read. 7.What Has Caused the Population Explosion?; [00:07.86]The main reason is not so much a rise in birth rates; [00:13.49]as a fall in death rates as a result of improvements; [00:18.26]in...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 11

    [00:01.00]Lesson 11 Text; [00:00.47]The way she was made up,bad as it was,; [00:04.28]was nothing compared with the way she behaved.; [00:08.07]When Mum offered her some sweets,; [00:11.10]she grabbed two handfuls,and refuse...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 11

    [00:01.00]Lesson 11 II. Read; [00:01.86]6. Parents Go back to School to Teach Children Better; [00:09.74]Having abandoned classes for more than 10 years,; [00:15.09]many citizens in Beijing have returned to school; [00:19.91]only because they have be...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 11

    [00:01.00]Lesson 12 II Read Genial climate,with all the year mild and springlike.; [00:06.52]The average annual temperature is 19.3 degrees Centigrade.; [00:13.50]As a result,the province is a kingdom of fauna and flora,; [00:19.75]with a variety of...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 12-13

    [00:01.00]Lesson 13 II Read 5.I Can't Stop Working; [00:09.74]There have clearly been three times in my life; [00:13.57]when it would have been not only appropriate; [00:17.16]but reasonable for me to do something other than earn money.; [00:22.12]On...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 14

    [00:01.00]Lesson 14 Read D:And you feel that ...um...she doesn't appreciate...; [00:04.53]B:... appreciate, you know...I even the other day moved her bedroom..,; [00:09.84]er... (Furniture)... furniture around.; [00:13.17]D:I did that in my house...;...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 15

    [00:01.00]Lesson 15; [00:01.30]5.Smoking is associated with coronary heart disease.; [00:05.75]Nowadays this disease accounts for a high percentage of deaths annually.; [00:12.14]Cigarette smokers are much more likely to die...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 16

    [00:01.00]Lesson 16; [00:00.96]Read; [00:01.87]5.Decent Beggars in Shanghai; [00:06.67]It was getting dark when the plane landed at Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai.; [00:14.36]A woman stepped out into a driving rain.; [00:19.52]Madam,you must be from Be...

  • 英语口语教程(高级) UNIT 17

    [00:01.00]Lesson 17; [00:00.87]Read; [00:01.61]4.A group date differs from a traditional date in several ways.; [00:06.84]First,there are no special relationships in the group.; [00:12.12]No particular girl and boy are together all the time.; [00:18....

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